Steps for Transferring a Domain from SaudiNIC to an Accredited Registrar

The process for (transferring a domain from SaudiNIC to an accredited registrar or the Digital Government Authority) aims to transfer the information of a domain name under tld (.sa) or (.السعودية), and the ability to manage it, from SaudiNIC to an accredited registrar. This requires aquiring an auth-code from SaudiNIC, as well as the accuracy of contact information for the administraitve contact.

Process Steps

The following are steps to transfer a domain name from (SaudiNIC) to an (accredited domain registrar for Saudi domain names).

Accessing the SaudiNIC’s E-portal of SaudiNIC Services

Access SaudiNIC Portal

All SaudiNIC services are provided electronically through SaudiNIC’s e-portal site ( or سجل.السعودية). It requires logging into the e-portal using your username and password. If you do not have an account then you can create a new account by submitting a request using the service: creating an account.

1. The account holder for the domain requests (auth-code) for the domain, following these steps:

  • Login to the account.

  • Request the auth-code for the domain. Request Auth Code

  • An email is sent to the current admin email address, and the verification code sms to the admin's phone.

  • The admin contact accesses the link and enters the verification code. Admin Confirmation

  • The auth-code is displayed to the admin.

2. The registrant provides the accredited registrar with the auth-code

Government Agencies

The registrant provides the auth-code to the Digital Government Authority.

Individuals and non-government agencies

The registrant chooses a registrar from the list published on the accedited registrars page. Then, the registrant sends the code to the registrar via the method and process provided by the registrar.

3. Transfer request is submitted electronically to SaudiNIC

The registrar submits the transfer request to SaudiNIC via the domain registration system.

4. The request reaches SaudiNIC

When the request reaches SaudiNIC, SaudiNIC will do the following:

  1. Send a verification request to the admin email, and an sms code to the admin's mobile:

    • If the admin approves the request, or 5 days pass after the email is sent, the process is approved and the transfer is executed.

    • If the admin denies the request, the request is rejected and the domain remains without change.

  2. The admin is informed of the end result of the request (rejected/approved).