Registrar Accreditation Process

This process highlights the steps that will be followed for the first application phase. Subsequent application phases will be announced later.

1. The beginning of the first application phase (Wednesday 10/6/2020 - 18/10/1441 AH)

  • Receiving accreditation requests, and ensuring the entity's eligibility and satisfaction of the requirements.

In case application eligibility is not met, or if there are missing requirements, the applicant will be notified to complete the requirements or meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants can re-apply before the end of the first application phase.

  • Answering the registrar-related or application-related inquiries and publishing them on the FAQ page.

2. End of the first application phase (Monday 31/8/2020 - 12/1/1442 AH).

  • No new or resubmitted applications will be received after this date.

3. Review of the received applications that have met both the eligibility criteria and application requirements:

  • Reviewing the accreditation requests manually, in detail, and rating them.
  • Applicants provide a presentation about the accreditation request and answer any questions, if needed.
  • Rejection of the requests that have failed to meet the minimum acceptable score based on certain standards.
  • Selection of the top 5 applicants that have passed the minimum acceptable score based on the evaluation criteria, and notifying the applicants to prepare for technical/electronic interfacing.

4. Technical Testing

  • Selected applicants must begin interfacing with the systems in the testing environment and performing technical testing within a period of 3 weeks.
  • Applicants unable to interface and perform technical tests will be rejected, and the next best alternative application will be chosen instead.

5. Payment of Fees

  • The applicants that have passed the technical testing during the specified period will receive a down-payment receipt as per the Registrar Regulation. The receipt must be paid within ten (10) working days.

6. Accreditation

  • When the down-payment has been paid, the entity is notified of the final accreditation, and can start interfacing with the production environment. Other applicants will receive the final results as well. (This announcement is expected to be around the beginning of November 2020).