General procedures for transferring a Saudi domain name from Registrar to another Registrar

This document aims to explain the procedures and general requirements for transferring a Saudi domain name from an licenseed registrar to another licenseed Registrar. This service give the registrant the flexibility to transfer the management of his domain according to the quality of registrar services. Note that this document provide a general procedures since the details diver between the registrars.

General Rules

  1. Transfer of a domain name from one Registrar to another is prohibited within the first sixty (60) days of the domain name being registered, and is also prohibited within (60) days of the last implemented registrar transfer request.
  2. A domain name may not be transferred from one Registrar to another, if the expiration date of the domain name’s registration is within five (5) days.
  3. The transfer process include a renewal fees at least for one year up to 10 years based on registrant choice. The renewal fees will be according to registrar price.
  4. The Registrar is not permitted to impose any extra fees for the transfer except the renewal fees.
  5. All transfer requests shall be subject to review by SaudiNIC, and SaudiNIC retains the right to review any request prior to, or following completion of the transfer process. SaudiNIC also retains the right to require any additional documentation at its own discretion.

The general steps for the procedure

  1. Transfer requestor (Registrant) requests the authentication code from the domain name’s sponsoring Registrar (Losing Registrar).
  2. The transfer requestor (Registrant) submits a transfer request to the Gaining Registrar along with the authentication code obtained from the Losing Registrar.
  3. The Gaining Registrar sends the transfer request information to the domain name’s Administrative Contact, as per the contact information in the domain name registration information for review and approval.
  4. If the Administrative Contact approves the transfer request, the transfer is sent to SaudiNIC’s Registry System, otherwise, the request is rejected
  5. Notify the Losing Registrar through the registry system that a transfer request has been submitted.
  6. The Losing Registrar notifies the Administrative Contact of the transfer request
  7. The domain name is transferred if one of the following conditions apply:

a. The Losing Registrar approves the transfer request pursuant to the approval of the Administrative Contact. b. Five (5) days have passed since the submission of the transfer request, and no confirmation or permitted objection is received 8. The Gaining registrar notify the Administrative Contact of completion of the transfer procedure.