Terms and Conditions of Using the SaudiNIC Portal


  • SaudiNIC : Saudi Network Information Center which is part of CST (Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST)).
  • Portal : a website on the Internet where SaudiNIC provides its e-services.
  • User : A natural person or a legal entity that benefits from the e- services provided by SaudiNIC through its Portal, whether it was registered or not.


  • SaudiNIC provides its e-services through its Portal, which is available for use by everyone.
  • The user access and use of the Portal are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.
  • The services and information available on the Portal and these terms and conditions are subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including, but not limited to, as an example, : the Telecommunication Act, the e-transaction Act, e-crime Act, and SaudiNIC regulations and procedures related to domain names, and interpreted accordingly.
  • Logging in and using the Portal by the User constitute a full agreement to these terms and conditions without limitation or condition.

Registration in the Portal

  • The use of the e-services requires registration in the Portal. Currently, there are no fees for the registration process in the Portal. However, SaudiNIC reserves the right to impose registration fees in the future.
  • The UserID and password are selected by the User and they must be used only by the User itself. They represent a means of protecting the access to the User area through which the User manages its domain names or domain names that the User is authorized to be managed for others.
  • The User assumes responsibility for maintaining userID and the confidentiality of the password, and assumes full responsibility for any process or service request received by SaudiNIC under the User userID and password even if it was not intended or was not done by the User itself.
  • The userID, password and e-mail address of the User are very important and must be preserved. When they are forgotten or breached by others, the User must follow the proper procedures for this Portal so that its information and services will not be altered or used by others.
  • The access of registered Users to the Portal could be terminated by them at any time. SaudiNIC may also, at any time, terminate, suspend or restrict the right to login to the Portal in case of violation of these terms and conditions.
  • SaudiNIC staff will never request users to disclose their passwords under any circumstances.
  • Some of the Portal processes employ one-time use code (security key). This action is an extra security measure that is being implemented to protect some of the processes. Hence, it should be used carefully and according to the instructions supplied with it.

User Obligations

  • The user acknowledges and warranties that any provided information through the Portal is complete, accurate and up to date. Also the User bears the responsibility for the content of any information or document submitted through the Portal.
  • The User will not register or login to the Portal by impersonating another User.
  • The User acknowledges and warranties that the User will not represent any natural person or legal entity without being authorized to do so.
  • The User acknowledges and warranties that its access and use of the Portal will be only for lawful purposes. The User is committed not to use the Portal or what is available on it either information, services, or tools to perform any act considered as an offense or a crime under any law in force in Saudi Arabia, regardless to whom that offense or crime was intended for.


  • SaudiNIC name (Saudi Center for Network Information), its logo, electronic addresses, and all of the contents of the Portal including resources, texts, images, graphics, designs, models, multimedia files, software, and indexes are owned by CITC, and CST retains all intellectual property rights relating thereto, including publishing and distribution copyrights. It is not permitted to reprint, distribute, modify, or use these materials for commercial purposes or advertisement. Also, it is not permitted to re-disseminate in any form without written permission from CITC.
  • SaudiNIC maintains the right to monitor any content posted by the User. SaudiNIC reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any postings that violate these terms and conditions.
  • SaudiNIC maintains the right to delete any information which it considers a violation of any of these terms and conditions of use without notice.
  • The content and tools on the Portal are provided to Users as they are, without any warranties either explicit or implicit.
  • Some of hyperlinks on the Portal may lead to external websites that are not operated or controlled by SaudiNIC. In addition, SaudiNIC does not review or control their contents, and are provided for convenience to Users. These links do not have any endorsement of goods, services or information, and they do not imply any connection between SaudiNIC and the operators of the linked website. When the User selects to visit such external website, it is subject to the terms and conditions of that external site.
  • Any information or material sent to SaudiNIC via the Internet through the Portal becomes the property of SaudiNIC.

Disclaimer of Warranty

  • SaudiNIC seeks to provide a secured access to the Portal and to the services provided through it, but due to factors beyond the control of SaudiNIC, SaudiNIC does not guarantee continuous access freely, without interruption, and securely to the Portal or any of its services. SaudiNIC does not bear the responsibility for any interruptions, delay, or disruption in provided services through the Portal.
  • The Users acknowledges and warranties that the use of the Portal or any material available on it is under its own responsibilities. Responsibility. SaudiNIC or any of its employees do not guarantee that the Portal will not be halted or it will be free from problems, omissions, or errors. Also, there is no guarantee regarding the received results by the User due its use of or registration on the Portal.
  • SaudiNIC has taken all appropriate measures to put the information on the Portal and will continue to keep this information up to date. However, the Portal does not grant any explicit or implied warranties regarding the accuracy and completeness of the published information, or whether it matches with the current status.

Limitation of Liability

  • SaudiNIC does not assume responsibility for any loss of profits or any loss of any kind as a result of the provided information or services.
  • SaudiNIC does not assume the responsibility for any loss, damage, or change to the Users data stored on the Portal, that might lead to others who are not authorized to access the stored User data at the Portal.
  • Whatever the case or circumstance, SaudiNIC is not responsible to any of the following but not limited to: neglect which causes any harm or damage of any kind, whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, any expenses or losses that may occurred because of User use of the Portal or inability to use it, or in the event of errors, omissions, or delays in system response for any reason, or distraction in the operation or the occurrence of crashes or in case of viruses or total system crashes. Loss of any profits or damaging the reputation of the User even if it was expressly advised of the notice of such things, or access problems to the Portal, problem in logging to or using it, or accessing other sites through it.


SaudiNIC has the right to modify these terms and conditions or replace them completely with new ones without prior notice. These changes shall become effective immediately upon posting on the Portal, unless stated otherwise. The User continued access to the portal or use of the services provided by the Portal shall constitute an approval to these changes. SaudiNIC has the right to modify the whole or part of the Portal or halt or suspend the Portal temporarily or permanently without prior notice and at any time. SaudiNIC is not liable towards the User or to any third party for any modification, halting or suspending of the Portal.