.SA Policy Development Process

 Version 1.0
4/4/1429 H - 12 March 2008

Summary of PDP Principles

It is expected that SaudiNIC (a section of CITC) will assume responsibility, with the cooperation of other CST sectors, for the development and implementation of policies related to the management of the .SA domain name space. This includes the initial identification of a policy need, the definition and scope of the policy and the development of the detailed policy according to this policy development process (PDP). This PDP sets out the process by which SaudiNIC will develop policies related to the management of the .SA domain name space. Policy development will be done under the supervision of the CST Management Committee (CITC-MC) and the CST Board. This PDP is designed to ensure that:

  • SaudiNIC policies are developed in a fair, open, transparent, and efficient manner
  • SaudiNIC takes into consideration a broad range of views
  • It represents best practices in the industry
  • The new policy initiatives are in line with CST overall strategic objectives. When establishing policies, it is important that SaudiNIC consults with other interested parties (e.g., stakeholders or the public). Public consultations will enable SaudiNIC to demonstrate its transparency and commitment to be open process and to allow the public to be better informed, and in addition to put stakeholders "on the record" making them responsible for their submissions.


  1. Issue Identification : The first step in the PDP is issue identification. Any party (including CITC-MC and the Board) may identify possible policy issues and notify them to SaudiNIC. Once a policy issue is identified, it will be clearly defined and the scope will be developed. This will incorporate the rationale for the policy and will establish the general guidelines that are planned to be covered.

  2. Prioritization : SaudiNIC staff with the direction of CITC-MC will prioritize the policy issues according to the operational needs and the impact the absence of a policy may have on the parties involved in the .SA domain name space.

  3. Initial Report : SaudiNIC staff will prepare a report/study incorporating the initial directions regarding the selected policy issues.

  4. Public/Stakeholder Consultation Process : SaudiNIC with the help of CITC-MC will determine the appropriate size and scope of the public consultations. Once this is done, SaudiNIC will prepare and execute the stakeholder/public consultations. . Comments from the interested parties will be published on the CST web site. The results of the public consultation will be reported to CITC-MC.

  5. Draft Policy Recommendations : Based on the consultations, SaudiNIC staff will prepare a draft policy recommendation for CITC-MC review and inputs.

  6. Final Report Prepared : Based on CITC-MCs inputs, SaudiNIC staff will prepare a final policy report.

  7. Final Approval : The final policy report will be presented to the Board for its approval and, if approved, returned to SaudiNIC Staff for implementation. The final policy will be posted on the SaudiNIC website.

CST BoardIdentify issuesApprove policy
CITC-MCIdentify issuesDirect prioritizationApprove consultation processReview draft policy report and provide inputEndorse final policy report and request Board approval
SaudiNICPrepare the list of issues and their scopePrioritize issuesPrepare an initial report/ studyPrepare consultation documents and reportsPrepare draft policy reportPrepare final policy reportImplement approved policies
Stake-holdersIdentify issuesSubmit comments
PublicIdentify issuesSubmit comments