Service Level Agreement

Objective of Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Determining the duration of all services provided by CST and clarifying the duration to the beneficiaries, in addition to determining the method of escalation in case of incomplete service on the specified time.

Scope of service

Provide customer care services through processing inquiries and handling escalated complaints against licensed Registrars at the through nic website, after submitting the necessary information and requirements to provide the services according to the duration agreed upon in the SLA. This duration does not include fulfilling the incomplete requirements in case the applicant does not provide all the required information, nor does it include the time it takes to process transactions by a third party, such as other government agencies, if the nature of the transaction requires it.

Terms and Conditions

Period of validity of the agreement: The Service Level Agreement shall remain in effect from the date of its publication on SaudiNIC website. Service Availability and Hours: Services, which are instantaneous (direct), are implemented all week at any time; services, which are done during working days, are implemented during official working hours from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Service implementation duration

ServiceImplementation time
Providing customer care services2 Work days

Communication and Participation Channel

The Portal Administration is committed to interact and respond to the inquiries received through contact us page

Escalation Procedure

If no response is made within the duration specified in the agreement, the applicant can escalate through ( CST will be committed to respond and clarify the reason for the delay.